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Darwin, evolution, atheism, global warming, gender transitioning, and the list goes on - ad infinitum. And what does it all amount to? Distraction. Nothing more than that. The very real enemy of our souls, satan, knows he has only fleeting moments remaining before his jig is entirely up. He will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to entice you into stupid conversations and keep you from making up your mind regarding the really weighty things of eternal importance. Eternal life. Are you saying to yourself here, “More religious nuttiness coming at us with ‘hellfire’ in the yawning and confident face of our mountains of digitally available 21st century exacting science! Won’t these hicks ever give up?”


America is involved in a completely distracting conversation

In the meantime, America is involved in a completely distracting conversation with the same prancing devil who wants to see the Constitution ‘disappeared’ as quickly as he can make that happen. Truly, America is (for the moment) enveloped in a grace of freedom of thought and expression which will still give us the opportunity to fight the enemy slithering in to devour us. God gave us these last few hundred years where we have been able to share our faith openly and have been allowed to carry the gospel to all points of the earth. Our greatest priority now, WHILE OUR CONSTITUTION IS STILL PROTECTING US (and allowing us to speak openly and outside of catacombs), is to spread the good news of our unfathomably HOLY Creator’s free offer of salvation to the balance of a totally fallen and thoroughly sin-rotted mankind. Any naïvety as to the devices of our enemies is no longer affordable. You must ask yourself, do you think our liberties came with America’s real estate? Do you think that the expression, “Freedom Isn’t Free”, is just some slick words on a cool T-shirt? And do you think our freedom is just an accessory given to the Bible-reading, God-fearing and praying fathers of this nation?


And ‘covid 19’. What in the world has that been about? We’re still arguing as to whether we have or haven’t broken the yearly damage/mortality number waylaid by the more common strains of typical flu virus. And the reason I can safely say that is because the doctors I know who have told me that ‘covid’, with all its sprouting relative strains of viruses, is being blamed for everything. It’s the cause of death and source of all sorts of health maladies ever since ours and other governments saw the steel-fisted benefit of manipulating an entire nation/world by the mace of pure, craven fear. It’s being used to find a bunch of answers to questions that had never been askable: “How far can we push people? Will they obey us when this or that happens? How many will balk when we push in this direction or that? How far can we take a mandate? Will they continue to blindly obey when they see members of the aristocracy breaking their own rules?”, Etc. etc. AND A FEW MORE QUESTIONS SHOULD INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: WHY IS OUR SOUTHERN BORDER SUDDENLY COMPLETELY OPEN TO AN OCEAN OF INVADING ILLEGALS? WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE NOT REQUIRED TO BE TESTED OR VACCINATED FOR COVID? WHY ARE WE GIVING, WHOLESALE, BENEFIT AND PLACEMENT TO THESE INVADERS AND AFGHANIS? WHY ARE WE NOT BEING TOLD WHERE THESE INVADERS ARE FINDING REFUGE IN NEIGHBORHOODS NATIONALLY? AND BEYOND THAT, WHY IS OUR GOVERNMENT DESTROYING MUCH OF OUR FOOD SUPPLY? WHY IS OUR OIL SUPPLY BEING DEMOLISHED? WHY ARE OUR DOMESTIC SHIPPING LANES BEING TORN APART? (Link to Video)


Biden’s lying forked tongue is all over the map right now

We currently have a president in office who was put there solely by artificially manipulated ones and zeros that weren’t at all representing most of the 81 million voters who were supposed to have piloted them. One meme cruising around Facebook nailed it perfectly: “Biden purportedly received 81,000,000 votes to take the Oval Office. But his latest, hottest Facebook ‘rally’ barely garnered 20,000 attendees.’” Nevertheless, here’s what I do know about Biden:  He was pulled out of the dark and brought on board at a weird time. And he’s not at all the bumbling idiot so many are dismissing him as. Oh sure, he has ‘handlers’ who direct his course. But it’s not because he’s ‘slipping’. It’s because he is the ‘Alcazan’ for 21st century America - the steam powered ‘brazen head’ constructed in the final book in CS Lewis’ “Space Trilogy.” 


Trust me when I tell you, Biden’s lying forked tongue is all over the map right now. His voice and personage amount to nothing more than a talking head to band-aid whatever damaging leaks of deception need to be concealed. In a slip he made about taking questions from various reporters at a press conference the other day, he looked at his crib paper like a school kid and said that he had been “instructed” to first call upon a particular reporter representing whatever newsgroup, etc. But he is a five-star liar. And I believe that he is now taking his most passionate acting and tightly dramatized choreography from the deceiver he has given himself to during most of his political career. Because what is presently at stake is the whole endgame for the prince of liars. And that guy, as we all know by now, leaves nothing to chance.


The Kabul departure has been a total fiasco. Not anywhere near all of our American citizenry has been evacuated, while asylum-seeking Afghanis - thousands of them - have been flown safely out in planes chartered never to return to that airport again. Enough equipment: planes, helicopters, guns, ammo, food, medical supplies, etc., were left behind to stock a huge standing army bigger than any of the nations surrounding Afghanistan. And yet the mainstream media continues to perfectly cover for this wholesale nightmare. It makes my skin crawl to go traipsing around the Internet discovering the vast differences in stories told by first the Biden administration, then the military who has just left there, followed by the people at the Pentagon, and then the cleanup done by the giant, big dollar media people who very obviously are trying to patch gaping holes in the stories of the political players who are expecting to be reelected at midterms.


When it comes to liars, I have spent most of my adult life tracking the actions of deliberately dishonest, giant religious cults. And I have closely studied the leaders of these cults and how they have perfected the timely delivery of prophetic lies and made those sales into an art form that traps people in their fatal webs. But this is where Joe Biden goes way outside the talent parameters of sane and ‘self-governing’ (crafty) career liars. His political peers are calling him an idiot. But calling him that doesn’t make much sense when you examine the bumbling gaffes he made, on his own, when he was simply running for office, and then COMPARE all that with the current, nation-destroying LIES he is currently spewing with the help of every video cleanup master in the universe. The former is lies told by a bumbling idiot, sure enough. But the latter is expertly crafted deceit being engineered by something way behind Biden and his co-conspirators.


There is no connection between the Biden who couldn’t remember what state he was in during any particular town’s campaign visit, and the sudden spontaneity of the passionately grinding and carefully constructed arguments of introspection and conscience he has shown when acting so suddenly concerned about the lives lost in this current fiasco. So many are saying, “Wow! I am watching a tender man of experience who really cares about everyone involved!” And they say that because for 50 years the liberal entertainment/audiovideo empire has been, broadcast, teaching untempered minds to feel more than they think. Get me, here! So much of Biden’s audience today is helping to ‘imagine’ the beautifully produced lie, right along with the FX geniuses, and not paying much attention to the distraction of dreary facts. 


Source: Canada Free Press 

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