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More cultural enrichment for Europe

The deterioration of Europe continues through mass immigration and the lack of law and order. Here some videos of recent events.

Multiculturalism on the streets of London.

More enrichment in Greenwich.

University professors and engineers freshly arrived on Lampedusa island by boat.

238 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa managed on 29 July morning to cross the high fence marking the border between Melilla and Morocco and enter the Spanish enclave.

In total, more than 300 people tried to scale the triple metal fence with "hooks" shortly before 7am, and 238 men managed to enter Spain. 3 policemen were slightly injured and the migrants were transferred to a residence centre, where they will remain in quarantine due to the health situation.

This intrusion comes just over two months after an unprecedented wave of migration in the other Spanish enclave in northern Morocco, Ceuta, which was overwhelmed in mid-May by the sudden arrival of more than 10,000 migrants, the vast majority of whom were Moroccan youths and adolescents.

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