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Reality strikes in Germany: New wave of migrants from Afghanistan

The migration crisis is returning to the political agenda with power. The collapse of the theatrical backdrop of a “western democracy” in Afghanistan clears the last self-delusions aside: A new wave of immigrants of enormous dimensions is rolling towards Europe and Germany. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, are sitting on packed suitcases in Afghanistan alone. It is only a matter of time before these crowds start moving towards the western social paradises.

The rapid end of the puppet regime in Kabul after the fleeing withdrawal of US troops and their allies could only surprise those who deliberately turned themselves deaf and blind to historical contexts and current warning signs. Massive military presence and flows of money in obscene dimensions have sustained the “Western” experiment in Afghanistan for twenty years. Without these two factors, it collapses.

The shock waves reach far beyond the country in the Hindu Kush, which has defied permanent occupation by foreign powers. An entire region has seen the Western powers as helpless pseudo giants in an emergency, who can throw money around, but cannot withstand determined pressure and are easy to defeat. Their flight leaves behind an Islamist armed force as a new power factor, which was upgraded by the West itself via the detour of the "training" of an Afghan "government army" that has not disintegrated and which will further destabilize the greater area. The geopolitical dividend from the failure of the US and its allies will be rewarded by the coming world power China and leave the collateral damage of foreseeable mass migration to its western rivals.

Suspend deportations
After this epoch-making demonstration of failure, Germany's political class is not lacking in additional signals that offer its own country as easy prey. Hardly a rejected asylum seeker from Afghanistan has been sent back in recent years, not even serious criminals and offenders; the news that hardly anyone has to return from generous Germany should have long since got around to the farthest corners of the Hindu Kush. In view of the change in power, the United Nations is also calling for all deportations to Afghanistan to be suspended. Model pupil Germany has already anticipated this gesture once again.

Especially in the green-left camp, the prospect of a new edition of the asylum rush of 2015 triggers barely hidden expectations. The attempts by the Greens "Chancellor candidate" Annalena Baerbock and the European politician Reinhard Bütikofer to open the borders and accept migrant contingents from Afghanistan in Europe - depending on the state of affairs, that means sooner or later: in Germany - are seen as another invitation signal.

Not only those who suffered from the Taliban regime will be on their way. The demographically vital Afghanistan has produced far more combat-ready and skilled young men in the last twenty years. For the disappointed, the alternative is still to portray themselves as “persecuted” and to seek asylum in willing Germany.

Government fails
The situation could hardly be more grotesque: Germany's government has just shamefully failed in the task of evacuating the manageable number of local workers who served the German troops and thereby put their lives in danger - a disgrace that will last for as long as France's betrayal of the Harki who were left behind when they withdrew from Algeria sixty years ago. Tomorrow, hosts of young men will knock on the door, whose previous deeds no one knows.

They will be welcome to the asylum industry. But this is dynamite for Germany's social systems and internal security. The same left-wing lobbyists who sing cheap lamentations about the disenfranchisement of women in the Taliban's Islam will find nothing in accepting large numbers of men from this cultural area who have been socialized in violence and contempt for women and endangering women and girls in their own country. Migrants from Afghanistan, who have streamed into the country in large numbers since the welcome coup in 2015, are already dramatically overrepresented as perpetrators of brutal sexual crimes such as group rape.

The invocations that the asylum rush of 2015 should not be repeated are empty rhetoric. Caring for Afghanistan refugees close to their home, which the SPD and the Union have half-heartedly warned about, is hardly realistic as long as Germany presents itself internationally as a magnet for illegal migration. Neighboring countries such as Iran and Tajikistan are hardly interested in destabilization through the flow of refugees, and there is no lack of potentates on the routes to Europe who are only too happy to use the weapon of migration against the morally blackmailed EU-Europeans.

Turkish President Recep Erdoğan will not hesitate to divert the growing domestic political pressure back to Europe because of the already high number of migrants from Syria and Afghanistan. The Belarusian potentate Alexander Lukashenko emulated him and smuggled migrants from the Middle East on to the west. Lithuania defends itself with a border fence, The EU gives money - but not for blocking measures, but for a “humanitarian” admission of migrants who want to move on to Germany. The asylum numbers have been rising again for a long time. The other migration routes across the Mediterranean and the Balkans are also more active than ever. The self-absorbed German gender biotope is facing a rough collision with reality - and the established political staff who will be standing for election in a few weeks do not give the impression that they have even understood the extent of the challenge.

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