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Should Berlin take in refugees from Afghanistan? Former mayors say yes

Former mayors of Berlin discussed the role of Germany and Berlin in face of the new crisis in Afghanistan as the Taliban move closer to control Kabul.

Eberhard Diepgen (CDU): Yes, we still have responsibility after the departure [of troops from Afghanistan].

Strict rules must be observed when accepting refugees in Germany and the European Union.

It goes without saying that people who apply for asylum with good arguments are accepted. The initially temporary admission of war refugees is also correct. And it becomes very difficult with the migration of peoples, which aims to improve living conditions in Germany. Germany will not be able to completely shut itself off from this immigration.

But everything in moderation, neither economically nor psychologically, must be able to overtax our society. I see it very differently with Afghanistan. Germany and NATO have got involved in this country and have achieved nothing as a result.

Everyone who worked with the Western armed forces and other organizations left them alone with the withdrawal and subjected them to the harassment of the Taliban. Obviously, there will be no stopping them. The acceptance of former employees and their immediate families should be a matter of course.

Germany is also jointly responsible for everything that the people of this country are facing now. We cannot save the world alone. But we also have to take in a larger number of refugees from Afghanistan in Berlin.

Walter Momper (SPD): Yes, we will have to

Accepting refugees from Afghanistan is a completely normal humanitarian obligation, because the refugees who are threatened by the Taliban persecution in their country must be helped.

Of course we have a special obligation to help them because the Bundeswehr employed many local people during their time in Afghanistan. The number of dead from fighting in Afghanistan has already risen significantly. Deportations to Afghanistan are no longer an option because of the persecution there.

Not even for Afghans who committed criminal offenses in Germany. Normally they would definitely be deported to their home country. Given the unclear circumstances, the rule of the Taliban and the threat against the former helpers of the foreign troops active there, this is not possible at all.

It is also important to take in unaccompanied young Afghan refugees from Greece who live there in overcrowded camps such as Moria.

Source: BZ-Berlin
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