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Vaccination Experts: Herd immunity is a myth

London - British vaccine experts have ruled out herd immunity as a target in the fight against the corona pandemic. It is "not an option" because the Delta variant could spread among vaccinated people, say Telegraph experts , including the director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, Professor Sir Andrew Pollard. He warned in the UK Parliament on Tuesday that herd immunity was a "mythical" concept and should not be the basis for designing vaccination programs in the UK or around the world.

He stated, “This virus is not a measles virus. When 95 percent of people are vaccinated against measles, the virus cannot be passed on to the general public. But we know very well that the delta variant of the coronavirus can also infect people who have been vaccinated, and that means that anyone who has not yet been vaccinated will encounter the virus at some point. "

Pollard added that vaccines could delay transmission because there was evidence that vaccinated people were infectious for a shorter period of time. But Pollard warned that "we have nothing" that could stop the spread of Covid-19 entirely.

Merkel promotes herd immunity
The vaccines have been shown to greatly reduce the likelihood of serious illness and death. But studies from the UK, the US and Iceland suggest that they do not prevent transmission entirely and that vaccinated people are still carriers.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has repeatedly spoken out in favor of achieving herd immunity. This is possible if 85 percent of the 12 to 60 year olds and 90 percent of the over 60 year olds get vaccinated.

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