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[WATCH] How Joe Biden's Wokeness Caused the Catastrophe in Afghanistan



America is now reaping the wages of wokeness.


Just about a week ago Afghanistan’s fall accelerated and spun wildly out of control. We now have thousands of Americans surrounded at an airport in the heart of Kabul, which is controlled by the Taliban.


Joe Biden insists that there was no other way to withdraw from Afghanistan, but the fact is, it didn’t have to be this way. Numerous choices he has made in the name of wokeness have led the United States to this grim impasse, in which our enemies are emboldened like never before and even our closest allies hold him and us in contempt. He was supposed to be the expert adult in the room but he has behaved like an angry child and then left the room.


Biden has gone out of his way to prioritize and impose wokeness across the entire government, beginning with his choice for vice president. He’s left the scene for an indefinite amount of time now, as the crisis worsens, leaving the nation with no credible national leadership. Our UN ambassador thinks a strongly worded letter will do the trick. The Pentagon and State Department helped create this debacle because he made them woke and prioritized optics over operations, and now they have no plan to get us out of this inferno because he has left them under-equipped for it. At every turn, Joe Biden’s choices, such as the decision to abandon Afghanistan without warning to our allies during the well-known fighting season, and his decision to choose his cabinet based on woke intersectionality and not experience and credibility, created this historic disaster.


 Watch as I explore all of this and more in this week’s C’Mon Now!



Source: PJ Media

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