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What Germany is importing from Afghanistan

Germany is already preparing itself to bring in not thousands, but hundreds of thousands of refugees from Afghanistan to the country and redistribute them through out the continent.

This will further erode diplomatic relations with Eastern European countries, deepen the division of the German people, and worst of all: the crime rate will rise further and more women will be victims of sexual abuse and rape, while Islamic fanaticism will continue. spreading faster.

The following statistics give a better idea of the Afghan mentality that is coming to "enrich" the continent:
  • 92% say religion is very important in their lives.
  • 72% say there's a single interpretation of Islam's teachings.
  • 99% are in favor of making Sharia the official law in their country.
  • 78% support religious courts to decide family law and property disputes.
  • 39% say suicide bombing and violence in defense of Islam is justified.
  • 88% pray all five salat.
  • 43% read the Quran every day.
  • 35% believe in witchcraft
  • 53% believe that people can cast harmful spells.
  • 75% display Quranic verses in their home.
  • 66% use religious healers.
The importance of Islam and their support of Sharia law means the support of:
  • Honor killings for those involved in adultery, fornication or homosexuality.
  • Death penalty for homosexuals.
What could go wrong when you import the enemy of the West?

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