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How did they not notice? Driver of £100,000 Tesla forgets to shut one of its 'falcon wing' doors and smashes straight into a London bus


  • Driver of Tesla Model X moves along the road with their falcon wing door open 
  • Tesla crashes into approaching double-decker bus in Southgate, north London
  • The driver moves car to the side of the road as their door hangs off the Model X
  • Do you know the driver in the video? Contact 

This is the shocking moment a £100,000 Tesla Model X collided with a bus after the driver failed to shut one of its distinctive 'falcon wing' doors.


Footage captured in Southgate, north London, shows the Tesla driver make their way along the road with one of their rear doors fully open at around 4.45pm on August 14.


Just seconds later, the open 'falcon wing' door smashes into a double-decker bus approaching from the opposite direction - shattering the glass on the driver's window. 


It is unclear how the motorist was not alerted to the open rear door by the car's alarms - or failed to spot it, even though it appears to be on the driver's side. 


During the clip, the driver of the Tesla moves off from a parking bay and merges into traffic.


The motorist continues to drive along the road with one of the upward-opening car doors sticking out.


Within seconds, it collides with the route 125 bus driving in the opposite direction and the bus driver leans away from his steering wheel to protect himself.


The Tesla driver then moves their vehicle to the side of the road as their damaged falcon door hangs off the car.

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