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When Politicians Panicked | John Tamny


Our topic is assessing the new post-Covid world. After more than a year of unprecedented state intervention in our private lives, have Americans accepted a grim "new normal"? How bad is the post-Covid economy, from shortages of goods and workers to inflation to rent moratoriums? Will all the monetary and fiscal stimulus really work? Was Covid merely the excuse to justify new police powers under the guise of public heath—powers politicians will use to impose draconian controls in the future? Does the varied response to the virus, across nations and among US states, show the path to a far more decentralized political future? Or will Covid usher in the Great Reset, an attempt to create top down rule by elites?


Recorded in Colorado Springs on August 21, 2021. Special thanks to William Brennan for sponsoring this event.


Source: Mises Institute

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