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Berlin: Police arrest Iraqi after alleged Islamist attack

Berlin - The Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office has started an investigation into a suspected Islamist attack. In this context, officials arrested a 31-year-old Iraqi on Wednesday, the police said.

He is said to have attacked the caretaker there last Saturday in a hotel in the Charlottenburg district without warning. Then, according to the information, he destroyed the door of the reception, into which the victim had fled, with an iron bar torn from the floor. When the police arrived, he showed Islamist gestures and threatened: "I'll kill everyone."

The man, who is already known to the police for outbreaks of violence, is now under investigation for assault, damage to property, disturbance of the public peace and threats of criminal offenses. An Islamist motive is still being examined. There are no signs of mental illness.

Knife attacker is guilty
Meanwhile, the 29-year-old Afghan , who also seriously injured two people with a knife in Berlin on Saturday, was found guilty, reported BZ-Berlin. He had initially seriously injured a landscape gardener with stabs in the neck because he was bothered by the fact that she was doing a paid job as a woman.

The victim suffered permanent damage. According to the paper, her left brain is no longer working. A helper who was also injured by the Afghan suffered stabs in the head and neck. The attacker, who has lived in Germany since 2016, tried to convert neighbors to Islam in the past. He is said to be mentally ill.

With a view to the two crimes, the head of the terrorism department of the Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office, Dirk Feuerberg, said: "Among the refugees who have come to us, there are many who have had the worst experiences of violence in their homeland and have been psychologically impaired as a result. The fact that some of them commit the most serious violent crimes can have a whole range of motives." It could also be triggered by a delusion“ which not infrequently also has religious and socio-cultural facets". If it is a matter of terrorist attacks, it must be seen whether there are "masterminds".

Source: Junge Freiheit
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