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Cornpop: The Biggest Threat to the US

Written by John (the other John).

We all know Cornpop as the chain-carrying thug from Delaware who was roughed up in a gang fight. Although this dude is just made up, the problem is that US President Forrest Dump believes it to be real in his imagination. Although this can be characterized as a fun story by a senile old fool suffering from dementia, the problem is that perilous myths of fantasy are permeating our body-politic and our everyday lives, such as:

  • Critical Race Theory
  • White-Fragility
  • White-guilt
  • White-supremacy
  • 1619 Project
  • Anti-racism
  • Black Lives Matter (the Marxist organization seeking to end the family with a father/husband, and to make permanent single-motherhood)
  • Etc...

Basically, much like Cornpop, these are all fake, fiction, untrue, made-up, lies, total bu!!$h!t; yet in the land of make-believe, they are presented to us and our school-captive children as being fact. The motivation for these fairy tales is to divide our nation, and then for these charlatans to gain complete control of all of our nation’s systems, to be followed by mass theft of our Treasury and our assets. The underlying fact that these allegations are fraudulent is of no moment, as they are committed to succeed in this sinister mission.

So is Cornpop to blame for this? Of course not, because this scheme for this grand scale theft was initiated long before this imaginary person; but this is the first time in history when the leader of any nation was all-in as an accomplice of stealing from his very own people whom he hated, along with his own nation which he hated. (Past tyrants hated the people and stole from them, but they loved their Empire/Kingdom/nation; but not President Forrest Dump).

So it is not Cornpop who is to blame, but rather those who rigged the election to make a crackpot puppet the leader of the nation which they despise.
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