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Denmark wants to limit benefits to immigrants who work full time

The Danish government wants to make the payment of social assistance to immigrants conditional on the exercise of an activity of 37 hours per week in order to encourage them to integrate, according to Social Democratic government reputed to be among Europe's toughest on immigration.

Here is a Danish idea which could well inspire more than one in France. The country wants to make the allowance for immigrants conditional on the exercise of a full-time job. "We want to introduce a new work logic where people have a duty to contribute and be useful, and if they cannot find a regular job, they have to work for their allowance", announced Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, during a press conference this Tuesday, September 7 in Copenhagen. According to, the Danish government, in place since June 2019, notes that six out of ten women from the Maghreb, Turkey and the Middle East are outside the Danish labor market. "For too many years, we have done a great number of people a disservice by not imposing anything on them," said the head of government.

11% of the inhabitants of Denmark are foreigners
In its project, "Denmark can do more", the Danish government aims to integrate 20,000 people by pushing them to find a job, via the municipalities. "For example, it may be a job at the beach to collect cigarette butts or plastic (...) help solve various tasks within a company", said the Minister of Employment Peter Hummelgaard. "The most important thing for us is that people leave their homes", Whether they are new arrivals or beneficiaries of benefits for a long time, he insisted. At the start of the year, Mette Frederiksen set out a goal of zero asylum applications, which had already fallen to a very low level - 851 between January 1 and July 31 this year - in a country marked by successive migratory bolts for more than 20 years. "We must ensure that few people come to our country, otherwise our social cohesion cannot prevail," she pleaded at the time. According to the National Statistical Institute, 11% of Denmark's 5.8 million inhabitants are foreigners, of which 58% are citizens of a country classified by Copenhagen as "non-Western".

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