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Former head of the Hungarian secret service: Merkel did more harm than Hitler

With the "opening of the German borders for refugees" Angela Merkel did more damage to the country than Hitler, László Földi rumbled on the Hungarian state television on Sunday. The former head of the Hungarian secret service is not at a loss for any provocation.

On the day of the general election, talk guests in the "Commentator Club" - a broadcast on the Hungarian public television channel M5 - analyzed the events and talked about Merkel's 16-year chancellorship. László Földi was invited as an expert on security policy.

Földi, a regular on public television, said the last creative force in Germany was Helmut Kohl. He described Merkel as a "destructive force" that "has used up everything that her predecessors built".

Provocateur László Földi criticizes a weakened Germany
In the opinion of the former intelligence officer, Germany is the real driving force in Europe, and therefore Merkel should not have created anything new, just maintained the level. However, she destroyed Germany's position.

"The truth is that Germany was hit hardest when it opened its borders in 2015, a little harder than Hitler. Because from then on a complete crisis situation developed, a frustrated state," said Földi.

László Földi gave lectures on the subject of migration in several German cities in the spring of 2016 - about six months after around one million refugees found protection in Germany. When asked what to do now, he referred to elections as a means.

But the audience of the lecture - according to Földi people from intellectual circles - replied that there was "no one who would be more suitable than Merkel". Földi saw this as a manifested "wrong reflex" and proof that Germany was suffering from a weakness in leadership.

Jean-Claude Juncker: 2015 was the greatest achievement of your chancellorship
As soon as the parties elected on September 26th have agreed on a coalition, Angela Merkel will resign after 16 years as Federal Chancellor and her policies have shaped Germany and all of Europe. Most politicians and analysts praise her tenure, which lasted more than a decade and a half. A recent European survey showed that 80 percent of those questioned trust her and have a positive image of Germany.

Former EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker recently described Merkel's role during the refugee crisis in 2015 as her greatest success in an interview with Euronews.

"I had her on the phone a lot in August and September 2015, and we met very often," said Juncker.

"What kind of image does the European Union give to the outside world and what image does Germany give when we close the borders, when we put the army and police on the border with Austria and reject these poor people?", said Angela Merkel 2015 in conversation with Jean-Claude Juncker.

"Many of them came from Syria, others from Afghanistan, from everywhere. Poor people, desperate people. And she did it against the majority of the German public and against the majority in her own party, the CDU. A leader is someone who can say no to his own camp," said Jean-Claude Juncker.

Source: Euronews
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