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From “Revenge of the Nerds” to “Toxic Beta Dorks”: How Did We Get Here?

Written by John (the other John).

In the 1980s film “Revenge of the Nerds”, the fictional nerds were continuously bullied by the cool guys, and they never got the girl (or any girl for that matter). So in the film, although the nerds got revenge against the jocks (athletes), but ultimately, their main prize was to nail the hot chick.

Turn the clock ahead to the present, in which we have a group of real-life dorks (that is, they have surpassed mere nerdom) who spent their youth being bullied, but this time their main prize is not to get the hot chick, rather their goal is world domination. In 20+ short years, the whole world is now reliant on the world wide web, in which communications and commercial transactions require it, and without it they will fail; in other words, the cyber-world dominates the globe and our everyday lives. So with this power, the above dorks connived to become “masters of the universe”, but not in any form of altruistic way. On one hand, they want to end the nation-State by erasing national borders, yet they are beholden to the nation-State of China.

So by them:

  • Supporting a population replacement in Western nations only, and
  • By them collaborating in rigging elections, and
  • By them supporting domestic terrorist groups, their actions are quite sinister.

So unlike our adorable nerds from the 1980s who only wanted girls, the dorks of today are more than mere dorks, but they are “toxic beta dorks”.

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