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Germany: Celebrities call for grandparents to influence the election

Berlin - In a commercial, several celebrities called for grandparents to vote. The group around entertainer Joko Winterscheidt, musician Jan Delay and actress Annette Frier support the “Grandchildren Letters” campaign. The campaign calls for a letter to convince the older generation to vote for parties that are particularly committed to climate protection. “The general election on September 26th is our chance to stop the climate crisis. Write your grandparents a letter and ask them to vote for your future,” says the initiative's website. A similar campaign had previously hit the headlines.

In the video, the artists warn of the effects of climate change and criticize government policies over the past few years. In addition, they draw attention to the lower percentage of votes from young people: “Young people do not make a choice.” That is why the voice of grandparents is important: “With this election, we decide whether or not to tackle the climate crisis,” it says in the video.

The recommended letter can be put together with ready-made text modules on the campaign homepage. The arguments are included in the delivery. For example, it can be: “Dear grandma, I wanted to write to you again because I'm worried about the future”.

Approval from "Fridays For Future" and Green politicians
The campaign, which also works with “Fridays For Future”, met with approval, but not only from celebrities. Well-known Green politicians such as Renate Künast and Cem Özdemir also advertised the campaign on their Twitter accounts. In the comments, however, there was headwind. Users criticized the fact that the action influenced the free voting decision enshrined in the Basic Law.

There have been similar initiatives in the recent past. The campaign “We vote together”, in which the organization Campact was involved, also called for older generations to be influenced with the help of targeted conversations - and thus for the election of climate parties.

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