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Germany: Police arrest suspect after anti-Semitic attack

Hamburg - After the attack on an Israel vigil in Hamburg, the police arrested a suspect in Berlin. It is said to be the 16-year-old Aram A., reported the Bild newspaper.

This is said to have insulted the participants of the pro-Israel vigil in the Hanseatic city in an anti-Semitic way last week. Then he knocked down a 60-year-old. The Jewish victim suffered severe facial injuries and could go blind in one eye.

Above: "Attack on Jews in Hamburg: Police arrest perpetrators.
Aram A., Kurd, violent anti-Semite, various thefts, is free again. The victim has mental, permanent physical damage and financial losses."

Suspect is released
Investigators of the Hamburg State Security tracked down the alleged perpetrator in Berlin. On Tuesday morning, officials from the Berlin State Criminal Police Office searched the suspect's home and seized evidence, the police said. After an initial interrogation, the youth was released because there were no grounds for detention. According to the Hamburger Morgenpost Aram A. was noticed in the past for theft offenses.

In May there were anti-Semitic demonstrations in several German cities in connection with the escalating Middle East conflict. Participants waved Turkish, Palestinian and Arab flags and chanted slogans against Israel.

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