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Opinion poll: Most Germans agree that Islam has a problem with extremism

Berlin - According to the majority of Germans, Islam has a bigger problem with extremism than other religious communities. 61 percent of those questioned see it that way, according to a survey by the opinion research institute Insa on behalf of the Protestant news agency Idea. 13 percent did not agree with the statement, 19 percent answered “don't know”, and seven percent did not answer.

There are differences primarily with regard to the age and denomination of the respondents as well as between East and West Germans. While 63 percent in the West believe that Islam has a bigger problem with extremism, in the East it is 55 percent. 67 percent of those over 50 see it that way, and 49 percent of those aged 18 to 29 agree. More men (69 percent) than women (54 percent) also share this opinion.

The majority of Green supporters also agree with the statement
Among the Christian denominations, most of the regional church Protestants (68 percent), followed by Catholics (62 percent) and Free Churches (55 percent) agreed with the statement. Among the Muslim respondents, on the other hand, only a minority (29 percent) agreed, while a majority (66 percent) of those with no religious affiliation agreed.

Among the party supporters, 80 percent of AfD voters said that Islam was the greatest problem of extremism. It was followed by those of the FDP (75 percent), Union (70 percent) and SPD (62 percent). A majority of supporters of the Greens (58 percent) and Die Linke (60 percent) also agreed with the statement.

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