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Poster campaign: This is how the Greens imagine the future in Berlin

The poster, illustrated by an artist from Kreuzberg, shows clearly and with an astonishing wealth of detail that the “middle class” no longer has a place in the green future utopia - above all the model of the heterosexual family from yesterday. Several children are playing with football or happily flying a kite on the street that has been freed from cars, but there is no trace of parents. Unless it's assumed that the little ones were adopted by the kissing lesbian couple on the park bench. Even the father, who is in the front of the picture and holds his little child so lovingly in his arms and smiles at him while he carries home his shopping from the organic market, doesn't really fit into the classic family picture. Either way: even from Grandma Gertrud's balcony, who is currently playing frisbee with her headscarf-wearing neighbor hangs the rainbow flag.

The surprisingly open commitment to left-wing extremist groups shows that diversity is not meant so seriously. The lesbian-queer-feminist couple in the foreground shows the romantic union of the Antifa T-shirt on one side and the “Black Live Matters” tattoo on the other. In the background, a large graffiti makes it clear that you are in the "Antifa Area". In red, the confession is supplemented by the number "420" - a stoner code for regularly pounding off your pear.

But also the feminist front-line fighters should not go unmentioned, which is why “CLIT” and the female gender symbol are sprayed on a front door - right next to the saying “Stop Laschet”. The Greens are doing the same as I learned when I was young in Kreuzberg: the CDU is already a Nazi - and they have even taken over half of the Green party program. For example in terms of climate protection, for which a “Fridays For Future” banner in the middle of the picture makes it clear that we do not have a “Planet B”. And of course the houses also belong to “those who live in them”.

Above: "Infantile campaigning of the Greens vs. Green Reality in Berlin-Kreuzberg."

The Greens in Kreuzberg have been doing campaigns like this for years - apparently with success, most recently without exception in the district. Another poster shows a broken cobblestone, under which vegetables are grown.

The Kreuzberg Greens are in common with every existing left to left-wing extremist group and make their concerns their own - you almost get the impression that the talk of climate protection and justice is irrelevant and that the main thing is about the long-awaited system change: Away from shameful capitalism towards salvific socialism.

The short-haired woman in a wheelchair proudly wears a "hammer and sickle" tattooed on her chest. With this and with the rest of the poster, the Greens once again reveal themselves as opponents of freedom, individuality and prosperity. If you really want to see what green politics are like, just take a look at Görlitzer Park or Kottbusser Tor in Berlin. There is no clean environment and playground for children, but heaps of rubbish, old mattresses, broken bottles and faeces. Justice is not rampant, but above all violence and crime.

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