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Seven of the roughly 4,500 Afghans taken by Germany were subsequently detained during security checks.

Berlin - "Three had falsified documents with them, and four had already been deported from Germany to Afghanistan as criminals. These were serious crimes," said Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) the RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (Friday editions).

One of the four people is back in custody, two are still in the care of the authorities at the airport. "We will do everything we can to prevent the uncontrolled influx of migrants to Europe. That is why we are monitoring the refugee movements from Afghanistan and other countries in the region such as Syria and Iraq very closely," the CSU politician promised.

If necessary, the control measures will be abolished at the borders. "Not everyone who wants to enter our country is allowed to enter. In order for people to be allowed to enter, we have to know who they are."

In 2015 there was legitimate criticism of the security authorities because it was not known who was coming into the country. "That must not and will not happen again," said the CSU politician. "In migration policy, for me, humanitarianism and order, including security, are on an equal footing. We help in this emergency situation, but we also protect the people of our country."

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