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Looting after floods in Germany: Most of the suspects are foreigners

There were only a few cases that appeared in the news tickers during the flood disaster in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate: looters who went on a thief tour in abandoned shops, burglars who rummaged in damaged and full houses, gangs who stole the belongings that the owners had left to dry on the street or in the garden.

But around a month and a half after the catastrophe, it turns out that the acts were by no means just isolated cases. And this also confirms what many had previously dismissed as right-wing propaganda or agitation on social media: While the flood victims hardly knew from desperation how to proceed, predominantly criminal foreigners took advantage of their misery to enrich themselves.

Romanian citizens, the main suspects
This is shown by figures from a response from the Interior Ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia to a request from the AfD parliamentary group. The AfD had inquired for the meeting of the interior committee on Thursday in the state parliament about looting and similar crimes detected by the police during the flood.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the district police authorities recorded 193 acts of this kind in 24 cities, of which 27 were rated as attempts. Property crimes include theft, particularly serious theft, break-ins, serious gang theft and embezzlement. The damage caused by this has so far been estimated at around a quarter of a million euros (€ 227,000), although the figures are to be regarded as provisional and may increase.

The police identified 145 suspects between the ages of twelve and 69. By far the largest group were suspects with Romanian citizenship. The police counted a total of 52 of them. 27 German suspects are listed in second place. However, all the alleged perpetrators who had another nationality in addition to German were also listed here.

Around 81 percent of non-German origin
Twelve Turkish suspects follow, as well as seven Bulgarian, seven Syrian, four Serbian, three Albanian, three Greek, three Iraqi, three Iranian, three Kosovar and three Polish. Two suspects each came from Afghanistan, Lebanon, Morocco, Montenegro, the Netherlands and Nigeria. The authorities also registered individual suspects from Bangladesh, Cameroon, the Congo, Lithuania, Russia and Slovenia. Thus, 118 out of 145 suspects had no German citizenship. That corresponds to around 81 percent.

For the AfD, the overwhelming proportion of foreigners among the looters once again proves "how urgent it is to finally take off your pink-colored glasses". It is shocking when people, no matter where they come from, take advantage of the plight of others, said parliamentary group leader Markus Wagner to Junge Freiheit. In terms of immigration and security policy, order must finally be brought about so that citizens can live together more safely and socially again.

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