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Berlin wants to create 1,200 new places for migrants

Berlin - The Berlin Senate has announced that it will provide 1,200 new places for migrants by mid-November. "We want to ensure that people who arrive in Berlin and apply for asylum are also accommodated," said Social Senator Elke Breitenbach (Die Linke) on Tuesday of the German Press Agency (DPA).

To this end, the city has planned, among other things, to restore two container villages in the Marzahn and Lichtenberg districts that were already used to accommodate migrants during the refugee crisis of 2015/16. Two new buildings in Neukölln and a renovated building complex in Berlin-Mitte were also selected for the project.

Speaker: "Assume that this dynamic will continue"
"We recently had more than 1,000 accesses a month," said a spokeswoman for the State Office for Refugee Affairs (LAF) on Tuesday. In the past few months it has always been an average of 400 to 500. "We assume that this dynamic will continue."

The Marzahn-Hellersdorf district office announced on Monday that the planned reactivation of the container estate had already been sent to the residents with information brochures about the upcoming changes. In addition, they want to restore the contacts that had formed between the authorities and citizens' groups in 2015/16 in order to better look after refugees.

Most of the migrants are housed in the east of Berlin
By September 2021 , more migrants had already arrived than in the entire same period of the previous year. According to LAF figures, there are currently around 20,000 refugees in Berlin. Only 800 more places are currently available. Most of the people are housed in the three East Berlin districts of Lichtenberg, Pankow and Marzahn-Hellersdorf.

Most of the migrants come from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. But the number of refugees coming from Eastern European countries such as North Macedonia, Moldova and Georgia has also increased.

Meanwhile Poland has ordered more soldiers to the border with Belarus. 6,000 of them are now in action in the region, said the Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak on Tuesday, according to the television station ntv.

That is twice as many as there were at the weekend. The troops are tasked with supporting the border police in guarding the border installations. According to Blaszczak, there were 612 illegal entry attempts on Monday alone.

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