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Germany: Controversy on higher prices as a result of climate and environmental protection measures

Against the background of the price increases of the last few months, the citizens consider further increases in prices to be increasingly unsuitable as a contribution to environmental and climate protection.

Berlin - This is the result of an Infratest survey for the ARD "Germany trend". A speed limit of 130 km / h on motorways is currently described by 60 percent as a correct measure, in June 2021 it was 57 percent. 39 percent can accept an increase in the price of animal foods (48 percent in June 2021).

19 percent consider a strong increase in the price of gasoline to be sensible (22 percent in June 2021). 14 percent consider higher energy prices for electricity or gas to be correct. For the survey, Infratest interviewed 1,239 voters in Germany from October 26th to 27th.

Photo: The Associated Press.
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