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Hamburg Vice Mayor wants gendered crash test dummies

Hamburg - If the Greens have their way, not only the German language will be “crossed over” in the future. Soon it will also be “gender inclusive” in the production of cars and in accident research.

At the ITS traffic congress, Katharina Fegebank (Greens) promoted "gender-sensitive mobility."

From Fegebank's Equal Opportunities Authority it is said: “In many ways, men are still the measure of all things for industry.” This applies to the design of car seats, which for many women are not well-shaped. Among other things, because their legs and arms are usually shorter. The same applies to uncomfortable seat belts that can cut some people's chests, to airbags that are measured for taller people."

And further: the typical crash test dummy measures 1.75 and weighs 78 kilos, the alternative dummy even 1.88 m and weighs 101 kilograms. This alone shows that car safety is also viewed as masculine - primarily by male engineers.

Bild asked a spokesman for the Wolfsburg-based Volkswagen company: “Volkswagen cars are generally also developed by and with women. There is safety and comfort for all occupants - perfectly tailored to all genders and body sizes. "

However, Fegebank says: "The prototype" male road user who drives to work and back needs to be changed. For example, women who drive a lot more public transport and also cover completely different routes because they work more part-time and look after children and the like. "

They want mobility that takes into account the different needs of women, men, old and young, and people with disabilities.

She gives further examples: “If you are looking for a free ladies' toilet at a rest stop, you as a woman usually have to accept significantly longer waiting times, since fewer toilets can be built in the same area than for men next door, where there are significantly more urinals. And where is the changing table most of the time - if there is one at all? Mostly only in the ladies toilet. Is that fair? No."

According to Fegebank's opinion, this should be solved by “politics, society and the economy”.

When it comes to Equal Opportunities Senator Katharina Fegebank, women are apparently too stupid and clumsy to adjust a car seat or the seat belt.

This is the only way to explain that Fegebank still believes in a “prototype male road user who drives to work and back”.

What a misguided, ideologically shaped worldview. Men are humming, women are well behaved in public transport.

Dear Ms. Fegebank, you may have missed it: women have been obtaining driving licenses for many decades. They are the more cautious, often better drivers. You can see that on our streets every day.

Mobility is there for everyone. It does not have to be made “gender-equitable” because it has long been.

Everything else is left-green propaganda, or worse, pure nonsense.

Source: Bild

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