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Hungary declares war on EU climate plans

Budapest - Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has announced resistance to the EU's climate plans. These “decompose the middle class, drive up energy prices and destroy the European economy. We won't allow that, ”wrote the Fidesz boss on Facebook at the conference on coping with rising energy prices and the upcoming world climate summit.

The Commission's plans, such as including the transport sector and buildings in emissions trading, led to an increase in costs and were characterized by “utopian fantasies”. They should be completely reconsidered, as they sometimes endanger the democracy that stands and falls with the middle class.

Schallenberg: Energy must not become a luxury good
In addition, the Commission in Brussels completely ignored the member states. Originally, the countries had been assured that they would receive information in advance about the possible consequences of the plans of the EU Commissioner for Climate Protection, Frans Timmermans. However, they would never have received this.

The Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg also warned that energy should not become a “luxury good”. Calling climate protection into question because of high gas and fuel prices is the wrong approach.

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