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The “Original Sin”: Can There be Repentance?

Written by John (the other John).

We constantly hear in the news, in schools, in corporations, and in government that the “original sin” of the US was/is slavery, which allegedly began in 1619 when the British-Americans first brought African slaves to Virginia.[1] This theory became infamous in 2019 with the “1619 Project” by Nikole Hannah-Jones of the New York Times. And because of this “original sin” of slavery in the US, all white people thus are guilty from this “original sin” (even those who did not take part in this act), and thus they must repent for this sin, and they must pay allegiance and tithes [2] to the woke gods. (Of course this latter part is illogical being that woke ideology believes that white people are “irredeemably racist”, thus even repentance and atonement are insufficient to cure this “original sin”). But, is this truly the “original sin” of mankind?

Others will say that the “original sin” is when the Jews sent Jesus to his death (while sparing the life of Barabbas [a murderer]). And because of this act by a handful of Jews from 2,000 years ago, there are people historically who stated that that all Jews are guilty of this, thus they must all suffer for this act (even those who did not take part in this act). But, is this truly the “original sin”?

Others will say that the “original sin” is when Noah cursed his son Ham after Ham saw Noah drunk and naked. With this “curse”, a ridiculous false narrative was created that Ham’s descendants were of black skin, and that this curse was a justification for their enslavement as punishment (even to those who did not take part in this act). But, is this truly the “original sin”? So let us go back to the beginning of time to find the original “original sin”. This is from the Book of Genesis when Eve (representing not just herself singularly, but instead representing all women plural) was tempted by the serpent to convince Adam (representing not just himself singularly, but instead representing all men plural) to take a bite of the forbidden fruit; and by doing so, they were removed from the paradise of Eden, and then they were punished by them (and all other future humans) having to live in a world with sin (ex., war, famine, disease, death, genocide, slavery, etc…). So, but for the devious act by Eve (thereby, all women), then we would be living in Eden today instead of the cold and cruel world of today. All this because of women (who brought about this torment and suffering) by deceiving men. This makes women guilty of being irredeemably deceitful for this “original sin”, in which no amount of repentance can compensate for the historical human suffering that occurred (even those who did not take part in this act).

That being said, as ridiculous as all of the above “original sins” may be (as finding people guilty for acts that they did not commit is irrational, unscientific, and reprehensible [as it also violates a person’s “due process”]), will Nikole Hannah-Jones and all the other worshippers of the woke religion find women to being irredeemably guilty of the “original sin”, which but for this original deception by women, then there would have been no African slavery in 1619. (Nor would there be the current hoax by a woman named Nikole Hannah-Jones with this fraudulent “1619 Project” in which she is attempting to hoodwink all men).

That being said, the sin of slavery in Virginia in 1619 is not only directly linked to the “original sin” by deceitful women in the Garden of Eden, but it is actually the sole cause of the slavery. So the verdict is in: ALL WOMEN ARE GUILTY AS CHARGED!

So based on this ludicrous logic (which is the same logic for the 1619 Project), do you think that they will reconsider this idiocy? Nope, they will just resort to name-calling with some form of “…ism…” and “…phobe…”


1. This article will not address the below facts:
  • Slavery has existed since the beginning of human history (nearly 200,000 years ago)
  • The known trade routes for African slavery have existed for nearly 5,500 years since ancient Egypt.
  • Arabic slavery of African people (both pre-Islam and since Islam) number in the tens of millions of people for nearly 2,000 years.
  • The trafficking of European slaves into Northern Africa outnumbered the number of Africans trafficked into what is now the USA by over 10 times.
  • Slavery existed in the Western Hemisphere for thousands of years prior to the arrival of the Europeans.
  • The first African slave in what is the modern day US arrived in 1526 by the Spanish explorers; the colony was named “San Miguel de Guadalupe” (which is in modern day South Carolina).
  • The British-Americans in 1619 did not solicit the ship that brought the Africans.
  • There are more slaves globally today in 2021 than in any single year between 1619 to 1865.
2. For example, a donation to BLM, or a legal defense fund to bailout looters, arsonists, and murderers.

Photo: detail of "The Fall", after 1479, by Hugo van der Goes.
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