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1% of Sweden's population is responsible for 63% of violent crimes

A majority of all violent crimes in Sweden are committed by a very small group of young men.

A study of all convictions for violent crimes in the years 1973–2004 shows, together with population statistics, that almost four percent of the population has been convicted once for violent crimes.

However, a small group of one percent of the population was convicted of at least three crimes, and these individuals accounted for 63 percent of all violent crimes. These repeat offenders are young, abusive men (over 93 percent of the group are men). According to the information collected, many people have some form of personality disorder.

"This helps us to identify which individuals and groups need special attention and extra effort," explains Örjan Falk, researcher at Sahlgrenska Academy.

Photo: Aftonbladet / Global Look Press
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