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Back in lockdown: Streets in the Netherlands are deserted as curfew comes in after protests over new Covid restrictions

  • Streets of Rotterdam were quiet and empty tonight following introduction of rules closing nightlife by 8pm 
  • Around 200 protestors clashed with riot police and were blasted with a water cannon in The Hague on Friday 
  • It comes as Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced the return of a partial Covid lockdown in the country
  • Bars, restaurants, shops will close from 8pm and social distancing measures are set to be reimposed

The streets in the Netherlands were tonight deserted as new government rules dictated all restaurants and bars close their doors for trade at 8pm.


The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte recently announced a return to partial lockdown in the country in a bid to combat the spread of coronavirus.


Restaurants, bars and all nightlife have been ordered to close for business each day no later than 8pm, leaving many streets around the country deserted on what would normally be a bustling time for nightlife.


A street in Rotterdam is left almost completely empty this evening following the Government's tightening of coronavirus measures in the Netherlands


Hundreds of anti-lockdown protestors clashed with riot police in The Hague in the Netherlands on Friday evening as a raft of new lockdown measures were announced and due to come into force from Saturday

It comes after hundreds of Dutch protestors had a water cannon turned on them by police earlier today after they objected to the partial return of lockdown in the Netherlands as Covid cases continue to soar.


Dutch police blasted a group of around 200 people in The Hague with water in a bid to disperse demonstrators who had been throwing stones and fireworks in protest on Friday evening.


Prime Minister Mark Rutte, 54, was giving a press briefing to the media when protestors clashed with riot police and mounted officers outside the Justice and Security Ministry in the Dutch city. 


In the clip, dozens of protestors can be seen sitting on the ground where they brace for impact as police turned the water cannons on them. As they turn their backs and shield one another from the barrage, officers spray them again.


Later that evening, after flares, projectiles and bicycles were thrown at police, officers were seen hitting fleeing demonstrators with batons as what started as a peaceful protest descended into chaos. 


Although death remain low, the Netherlands recorded their highest ever daily infection count positive Covid cases on Friday as medics warned hospitals were being put under huge pressure amid a record-breaking surge of infections. 


Referring to the 'unpleasant' return of lockdown measures from this Saturday, Rutte said restrictions that the Dutch people had thought had ended for good were being re-imposed for three weeks.



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