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Belarus border chaos a 'hybrid attack not a migration crisis', says EU's von der Leyen

Ursula von der Leyen has described the influx of migrants on Belarus' borders with EU countries as a "hybrid attack" by an authoritarian regime on its neighbours.


Speaking after meeting US President Joe Biden in Washington, the European Commission president vowed to "protect democracies" and said the two leaders shared a common assessment of the situation.


Threatening sanctions against countries found to be aiding Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko's efforts to damage the EU, von der Leyen said efforts were being made to persuade them not to "fall into the trap".


The EU has accused Belarus of organising the transport of people from Middle Eastern countries, duping them into believing they can enter Europe, as part of a campaign to create instability with a new wave of mass migration to the bloc.


"This is a hybrid attack. Not a migration crisis," the Commission chief said on Twitter.




 Several thousand migrants and refugees have set up makeshift camps at Poland's border with Belarus, in freezing conditions. On Wednesday the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Michelle Bachelet, condemned an "intolerable situation" and demanded they get "immediate" access to humanitarian aid.



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