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Canadian Remembrance Day memorial defaced with graffiti

The war memorial in Cranbrook, British Columbia was graffitied over with bright green spray paint before the town's Remembrance Day celebrations on Thursday.

"The real heroes are the vaccinated" was sprayed across the middle of the memorial listing the names of actual heroes, who actually did heroic things, unlike the loser who felt the need to deface a war memorial to make a stupid point.

The City of Cranbrook released a statement saying, "this act does not speak to the character and values of our citizens and our community."

According to the Cranbrook Daily Townsman, police were notified early on Thursday and authorities were able to remove the graffiti before the parade and ceremony were scheduled to take place,

"Thankfully, the Cranbrook RCMP, Cranbrook Fire Services and City of Cranbrook staff worked together and were able to quickly remove the writings before any of our war heroes and veterans were able to see what had been written."

Source: Not the Bee
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