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Cologne: Successful BPE vigil against the muezzin call

Cologne - Last Saturday, the Civil Movement Pax Europa (BPE) held a vigil on the station forecourt in Cologne under the motto "Protect democracy and human rights! NO to the muezzin call!" from 11 am to 3 pm.

The Mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, started a model project, which will run for two years, which will approve the highly controversial muezzin call in all 45 Cologne mosques. Ten mosque communities have already expressed their interest. The model project, implemented independently and against the will of the majority of the population, will have an impact on the whole of Germany.

The first cities already showed their benevolence, also to let the muezzin call, which represents nothing more than an acoustic claim to power of Islam, echo through their cities. What many should not be aware of is the fact that the muezzin call is already sounding: towards the inside of the mosques. So it is by no means the case that a supposedly essential part of the practice of religion is withheld from the Muslims. The only thing that matters is to make political Islam's claim to power public.

"Despite all prophecies of doom in advance, we were able to carry out our vigil without a hitch. Cologne is a stronghold of the gray wolves and Erdogan supporters. In addition, the Antifa rules there," said the BPE organizers.

A group of young men turned up. With beer cans in hand, the apparently completely uninformed group inspected the posters. In their opinion it was agitation, right-wing slogans and similar nonsense. The group was not interested in discussing, they were concerned with provoking and insulting the BPE colleagues. After their provocations rebounded ineffectively the group moved away again.

"After that, it remained trouble-free. Some Muslims made derogatory gestures in the direction of the vigil. The remark 'I am a Muslim' came up a few times. Always by very young people who proudly propagated their Muslim status. Fortunately, the usual insulted reactions from passing Muslims to our posters did not materialize this time."

"An apparently very confused activist belonging to the spectrum of the Antifa walked past the group with the posters. She was filming with her cell phone and shouted into her cell phone with a cracking voice: 'This is what the new right looks like. These are the Nazis of today.' Among other things, she filmed our Taiwanese and Egyptian-born comrades-in-arms."

A young man stole one of the posters in English on the floor and tried to escape in the direction of the main train station. He was stopped quickly. However, he brought the poster back himself and apologized. He had misunderstood the text.

Some leftists shouted “Nazi”, “fascists”, “racists” and similar insults in passing. None of these people stopped and took the opportunity to find out more. These people showed no interest in an objective exchange of arguments.

There was a standing table with information material, which was also accepted by passers-by. "Our flyers about the muezzin call were distributed in abundance. We also had posters in English with us. In order to specifically address the numerous tourists in Cologne and to show that the threat posed by Political Islam is a global problem. A small group of people from Thailand also stopped and looked carefully at the posters. A gentleman was informed in English about our action and the background of the vigil."

The posters attracted a lot of attention. Many people stopped and filmed the posters or photographed every single sign. There were often comments in the affirmative. An astonishing number of fellow citizens with a migration background. "Quite a few passers-by came to our stand and discussed with the BPE activists," said the organizers.

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