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Covid vaccines damage the immune system and cause illness and death

A letter to Mr Drew Hendry, MP for Inverness and Nairn, regarding the safety concerns about the Covid vaccines.


Dear Mr Hendry, 


I trust you are feeling contrite after your recent Gibraltar jolly.  


This is to remind you of the email I sent to you and a body of other MPs a week ago on the subject of Covid and vaccines. I don’t expect replies from the other MPs but I believe that on this important subject I am entitled to a response from you as my own MP. 


My already-stated assertions are based on my compilation of evidence entitled Covid vaccines damage the immune system and cause illness and death”. If you haven’t read through this compilation I urge you to do so, for the sake of your constituents. (My previous email and the edited first half of my compilation is posted online here.)


The purpose of this follow-up email is to repeat my compilation of evidence showing astonishing Covid malfeasance on a global scale, evidence which is so censored from public view and so contrary to the officially-propagated Covid narrative that many people are sadly reluctant to take it on board; and also to put some very specific and important questions to you. 


You may try to dismiss me as a crackpot but here is a Scottish professor agreeing with me, as highlighted in item 13 of my compilation, that the current abnormally high level of Scottish excess deaths is extremely damning for the Covid vaccines. He notes “In Scotland this summer there has been excess mortality for the past 21 weeks with the total excess now exceeding 3,000 deaths”.


He tip-toes around making an unequivocal condemnation of the vaccines, possibly for fear of being “cancelled” or censored or perhaps because of the public heath collateral damage uncertainties caused by the protracted lockdowns.  


Nevertheless, his excellent evidence showing deaths sequencing through younger and younger age groups as the vaccine rollout progressed is surely incontrovertible. 


The sequence is shown dramatically the other way round in this statistical animation, with the mostly old and infirm susceptibles dying in large numbers at the start of vaccine rollout (oldest first) in different countries and at different times all around the world. In the UK, that January/February 2021 vaccine-induced spike in deaths was actually worse than the March/April 2020 Covid “first wave”.


The authorities shamelessly duped everyone by passing off that January/February 2021 spike as their long-lost Covid “second wave” (see items 10 and 11 of my compilation). They then shamelessly made out that the Gompertz-curve fall in deaths in the 2021 vaccine-induced wave, which was closely similar in profile to the 2020 first wave with no vaccines, was all thanks to their “world-beating” vaccines.


Then from June 2021 Covid-attributed deaths started rising again, whereas throughout summer 2020 they were practically non-existent, with no vaccines. 


The sheer effrontery of the establishment’s deception is staggering. Sadly, a great many people have been frightened and unknowingly manipulated into believing that the establishment’s Covid narrative is the gospel truth. 


If you want a more explicit condemnation of the vaccines, here is a US archbishop, no less denouncing the toxic Covid experimental vaccines and the disgraceful withholding of alternative cheap, effective and safe treatments, citing exactly the same evidence and dystopian “Great Reset” motivations as I cited in my email. 


To add a personal slant, two close family members and a friend have suffered from against-the-odds coincidental strokes since the Covid vaccine rollout started. Correlation is not proof of causation but blood clots are the number one expected adverse reaction from the Covid vaccines. My previously active first close relative spent months in hospital with hardly any improvement and is now invalided at home being looked after by carers.


My previously very active second close relative is so enfeebled as to be unable to even leave home since suffering a sudden auto-immune system disability about ten weeks ago. The third case was thankfully relatively mild, a suddenly useless arm. 


To pose my specific questions:  


Do you agree that it is little short of criminal (for context, see the crucial “conspiracy theory” final item in my compilation) that UK doctors are banned from providing early treatment to Covid sufferers using cheap, effective and safe drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin?


The deliberately-restrictive UK policy of primary reliance on hospital treatment such as ICU ventilators, otherwise holding out for mass vaccinations, must have caused thousands of unnecessary deaths and nosocomial infections, whereas home treatments using these simple drugs have been a huge success in saving thousands of lives in apolitical India and elsewhere.


Do you agree with the evidence staring us all in the face (see above and my compilation item 1) that on balance the Covid vaccines are very possibly worse than useless? And if you claim that they reduce the risk of severe illness and death, please note the refutation of that reportedly weakly-evidenced assertion in this testimony by Dr Peter Doshi, editor of the BMJ (and item 1 of my compilation). 


It is known that vaccinated people can be infected and carry viral loads similar to those of unvaccinated people. Do you therefore agree that vaccine passports (currently for 2 jabs, coming now booster 1, then booster 2 … ad infinitum) for Covid vaccines which do not prevent infection or transmission are medically pointless, medically unethical (as governed by the Nuremberg Code), unfairly discriminatory, and have no proven benefits?


On what balance of justification is Nicola Sturgeon planning to make them mandatory for pubs, restaurants and leisure venues in Scotland? 


Regarding people who have had Covid and recovered, do you agree that it is little short of criminal to coerce such people into taking the dangerous Covid vaccines with their hugely underreported severe adverse reactions when they are at negligible risk of re-infection thanks to their much superior, probably life-long naturally-acquired immunity, like this NHS nurse facing the sack?


Irrespective of Covid infection history, for any recipient the risk of vaccine injury gets worse with each successive jab.  


Health Secretary Sajid Javid and his disgraced predecessor Matt Hancock are both established disciples of the World Economic Forum which is pushing its undemocratic, surreptitious-in-plain-sight Great Reset initiative which requires the entire population to be “digitally chipped”. 60,000 essential care home workers have been forced out of their jobs for not taking the dangerous vaccine.


Sajid Javid’s plan to dismiss 120,000 much-needed healthcare workers for the same reason (but it’s somehow OK for them to continue until April) is proof, if more were needed, that this is not about fighting a virus. How long will it be before the cruelly coercive “no jab, no job” rule becomes widespread in this country, as it is in many suddenly fascist countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France and Italy? The common factor is that all these countries are led by globalist Davos/WEF stalwarts. 


These politicians obviously know that the Covid vaccines have turned out to be disastrous relative to what they were hoping for. Could it be that their desperate coercions to get their entire populations to take these dangerous and ineffective vaccines, including children and young adults at negligible risk from Covid, are benignly motivated because they honestly believe that is the only way to “save Granny”?


I assert that is utterly implausible, which leads to the following key question:


Do you deny that you and the entire political class have needlessly dragged out the Covid scare since summer 2020 when UK Covid deaths all but disappeared in order to administer the unnecessary and, as was forewarned and quickly demonstrated, dangerous Covid vaccines to the entire population, all for the appalling yet patently obvious ulterior motive of getting everyone hooked on vaccine passports which will morph into social credit digital IDs ready for the Davos/WEF/UN “Great Reset”? 


You need to start backing down instead of doubling down on your political machinations as your increasingly obvious ulterior agendas are coming to be seen by the general public as pointless, unachievable and toxic. It is indisputable that the Covid vaccines are dangerous and ineffective. Too many people are being needlessly injured and killed, including abnormally high numbers of healthy athletes and airline pilots.


The booster rollout could be causing a repeat spike in deaths in the new cohort of elderly susceptibles: the 20 Oct uptick in the graph in my compilation item 11 has since gone up ~25%. You need to heed the many independent experts such as HART Group who say that mass vaccinations must be stopped. If you also stopped your unfit-for-purpose mass testing and reverted to honest pre-Covid death certification, your carefully stage-managed Covid “pandemic” would almost certainly start to fade away overnight. 


The COP26 summit has been the same ritual pantomime as all previous COPs, with jet-setting billionaires, politicians (bar China and Russia who are laughing at us) and the 85-car convoy US president telling us little people how we need to turn our lives upside down and submit to becoming poorer, colder and hungrier, all on the scientifically-flimsy, strongly-contested yet undebated claim that this is all essential to “save the planet”.


The hysterical rhetoric of these people proves they are all suffering from very dangerous climate derangement syndrome. It’s the hysteria about climate change that poses the greatest threat to humanity. 


The unintended outcome of COP26 has been to further alienate the general public from the entire political class and mainstream media.


Unexpectedly, I agree with brainwashed Greta Thunberg as far as where they can shove their unevidenced “climate crisis”.



Source: Principia-Scientific

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