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European Court of Justice criticizes the rule of law in Hungary again

Luxembourg - The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has reprimanded Hungary for violating the rule of law. The country may not impose any disciplinary measures against its judges if they refer questions to the ECJ, according to the decision from Luxembourg.

Judges of the EU member states have the possibility to consult the ECJ on questions about case law if this might conflict with EU law. In Hungary, judges must expect disciplinary proceedings if they make a reference decision request to the ECJ that is not necessary to assess the specific case. The attorney general can then apply to the Supreme Court to classify the bill as unlawful and take action against the judge concerned.

The ECJ last reprimanded Hungary last week
This regulation could inadmissibly prevent the Hungarian judges from referring questions to the Luxembourg court, the judgment said. The ECJ alone decides on the admissibility of such a request.

The ECJ had already reprimanded Poland for a similar regulation in July. Last week he also objected to Hungary's “Stop Soros Law”, which aimed to better ward off illegal immigration.

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