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"I Pooped On Myself"

Written by John (the other John).

I remember once when I was at someone’s house when their 2 year old toddler approached the adults and said "I pooped on myself", and the adults said "awe, that is so cute".

Later that same evening, a 40 year old man approached the same adults and said "I pooped on myself", and the adults said "oh, that is disgusting". So as you see, a similar event occurred between two different people, and the very same adults reacted very differently. Why? Because there are zero to minimal expectations for the 2 year old toddler, while there are higher expectations for the 40 year old adult.

So wtf is this a story on PostDiscus? Because the same principle of two different standards applies in modern day political issues. For instance:

  • the vaccine,
  • standardized tests,
  • University admissions,
  • voter ID,
  • employment,
  • following laws,
  • marriage/fidelity,
  • self-control,
  • etc...

Why two different standards? This is due to the "bigotry of low/zero expectations", in which the elites have no/low expectations for one group thus they excuse them for every wrongdoing and poor life choice, and for the other group whom they have high expectations they condemn them for having standards. To be blunt, the Left treats one group in its entirety as oppressed inanimate objects who suffer from diminished capacity, and whom have no agency for their own actions (no different than a rock, a baby, or even someone who is mentally retarded).

So remind me, who exactly is the bigot?
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