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Migration across the English Channel: Great Britain sets new daily record

Dover - A record number of illegal immigrants reached mainland Britain across the English Channel on Thursday. Around 1,000 migrants were picked up on their way by boats of the Border Force security agency and brought to the coastal city of Dover, as reported by the BBC.

The last time there was a new maximum number of border crossings was on November 3. On that day, 853 migrants reached the British mainland. The people who use the route across the English Channel come from Africa and first immigrate to France. From there they make their way to the UK.

More than 23,000 migrants have already crossed the English Channel from France to Great Britain this year. In 2020 there were 8,404 . Before the outbreak of the corona pandemic, most asylum seekers used plane, ferry or train.

Macron is said to have lost control of the situation
A spokesman for the UK Home Office described the number of border crossings as "unacceptable". The population is fed up with seeing migrants die on the run, while criminal gangs benefit from the misery of the people. A new immigration plan will address the "broken system," he announced.

Meanwhile, French President Emanuel Macron is being criticized in Great Britain. According to the BBC, the British government is no longer in control of the situation. France had promised several times that it would better secure its own borders so that the migrants would not even be able to make their way across the English Channel.

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