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Naked African migrant harassing woman in Offenburg is arrested - Police now under investigation

Offenburg - A plainclothes policeman kneels on the neck of a man who is tied up. He's naked, seems to be defenseless. Is the intensity of this commitment justified?

The public prosecutor's office and the state criminal investigation office are examining the police operation against a man from Gambia in Offenburg. The 31-year-old was naked and heavily drunk through the train station on Thursday at around 4 p.m. According to the police, he have tried to approach a woman. Her companion kept the 31-year-old away with the help of a defense spray.

Then there is an arrest, which is recorded by a news agency on video. Among other things, you can see two police officers rudely bringing the 31-year-old down at an intersection. The officers cuff the man's hands behind his back, then one of them kneels first on his back and then on the man's neck. According to eyewitness reports, the policeman was said to have remained in this position for several minutes. The LKA is now checking to what extent the operation was lawful.

Public prosecutor examines police operations
The man is known to the police and is said to have appeared in the past few months for “assaulting law enforcement officers and assault crimes,” the police said. He was then taken to a special clinic because of his mental health problems.

He was admitted there on Tuesday after he had also strolled naked through downtown Offenburg. Why he was released two days later is still unclear.

Source: Bild
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