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Spain: Two people injured in attack by African migrant in a bar

The woman who runs the bar called Parada on Letxezar street, Barakaldo, and a client, who has come to her defense, have been injured, and have been transferred to the Cruces hospital. In principle, there was talk of a stabbing, but the hypothesis that the assailant weapon would have been an iron bar is gaining force.

The aggressor, an African migrant, has barricaded himself inside the establishment's bathroom for 4 hours. The presence of several Ertzaintza negotiators has been required, as well as special intervention teams. Finally, he has left the premises.

During the long wait, a relative of the victim tried to jump over the police cordon and, visibly affected, shouted, criticizing that the police were not able to remove the aggressor, and denouncing that "the criminal and the thief are protected".

Source: Tele7
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