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Austria wants a vaccination rate of 90 percent

With the announced general compulsory vaccination, Austria wants to achieve a vaccination rate of 90 percent.

Vienna - That said the Austrian Federal Minister for EU and Constitution, Karoline Edtstadler (ÖVP), on Bild tv channel. But the minister was also self-critical. Regarding the introduction of compulsory vaccinations, she said: "It is probably the admission that we have not reached everyone."

With a view to the imminent heavy fines against vaccination refusals, the former judge added: "We don't want the fines to be paid. We don't want them to be punished here, we want them to vaccinate." That is why there are considerations in the Alpine republic to forego the enforcement of a fine that has already been imposed if those who refuse to vaccinate would decide in return.

In connection with the measure, which had been ruled out by the Austrian government until a few weeks ago, the politician also raised allegations against members of parliament. It is "extremely worrying", said Edtstadler, when "a party represented in parliament is dealing with conspiracy theories when fear is stoked here".

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