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Dutch author: Mass immigration creates crime

Amsterdam - The Dutch writer Leon de Winter has blamed mass immigration for drug crime in his country. "The drug mafia in the Netherlands is a direct result of migration," he wrote in an article for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung on Wednesday. The Netherlands had 17.5 million inhabitants. Of these, a good ten percent would have a “non-Western migration background”, the novelist calculated.

Almost 420,000 of them came from Morocco. “The majority of these immigrants had poor schooling, and many were even illiterate. There was no university, no bookshop, no educated bourgeoisie in their area of ​​origin.” This is how de Winter described the Moroccans who immigrated to the Netherlands during the post-war period. These would have suffered a "culture shock of cosmic proportions" in the modern country.

Liberal drug policy helps criminals
Two thirds of the migrants would have managed to integrate over the years. The last third, however, remains in a kind of permanent identity crisis to this day. “The crime among the younger ones in this group - almost exclusively men, the girls behave differently - is widespread. They set themselves apart from the majority culture. They leave school early, pretend to be deeply religious, but smoke, drink and have sex outside of marriage.” This part ended up in organized crime, especially drug trafficking.

The liberal drug policy of the Netherlands and good connections between the migrant milieus in Europe would have played into the cards for criminal foreigners. “The conditions for a successful takeover of the drug business by Moroccans were ideal. In the Netherlands, Belgium, France and in the country of origin, family and friendly networks existed with a strong degree of loyalty. The smartest and most enterprising young Moroccans saw their chance. Wealth lay at their feet,” summed up de Winter.

Many European countries have similar problems with migrants
The Moroccan gang leader Ridouan Taghi also gained power and influence in the Netherlands in this way, he explained. The author linked the murder of the Dutch journalist Peter de Vries with the drug lord. He was shot dead on the street in Amsterdam last summer.

“His death made the world aware of the violent activities of the descendants of Moroccan emigrants in the Netherlands. It looks like Thagi had commissioned the murders through his lawyer.” De Winter warned that the same problems had arisen in every European country with a similar immigration history. One must fight these excesses of failed migration policy with vigor.

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