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German Minister for the Environment: Species crisis will be the next big fight

The new Federal Minister for the Environment Steffi Lemke (Greens) considers the extinction of species to be "at least as dramatic" as the climate crisis.

Berlin - "The species crisis will be the next big fight," said Lemke of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. "It is a direct threat to our livelihoods." The aim must be to protect the climate and biodiversity at the same time.

This can succeed if more forests are managed in a natural way, moors are restored and floodplains are renatured, said Lemke. At the same time, she warned against playing off the energy transition and nature conservation against each other. Recently calls had been made to relax nature conservation rules in order to be able to erect wind turbines faster.

The coalition is "doomed" to find solutions for both climate and species crises. "We also know that industrial agriculture is the greatest threat to biodiversity," said Lemke. "But nobody would say: Then we won't do any more agriculture."

Photo: coremedia
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