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German propaganda: Lauterbach praised on talk show: "Now the coronavirus has found its fear opponent"

It is done: The public service broadcaster occupies the post of health minister with one of its closest employees. That has to be celebrated extensively!

Karl Lauterbach is Minister of Health: The news of the day also makes Frank Plasberg happy that evening. No wonder, because the fact that the SPD politician comes into the cabinet is not least thanks to Plasbergs and other talk shows. "Now the corona virus has found its fear opponent," said the talk show host about the soon-to-be minister.

In keeping with the festive occasion, the first thing goes wild when it comes to Corona: Plasberg's show is attached to a one-hour documentary by his public broadcasting colleague Eckardt von Hirschhausen, which puts “Long Covid” in the spotlight. The television doctor deals with victims of the mysterious disease in the documentary. Difficult individual fates are shown - in the talk it is then admitted that “Long Covid” only affects 1 percent of those with corona. It is all the more vividly described that the disease can really affect anyone - children, young and old adults. The danger, as small as it is, should be made impressively relevant.

This is entirely in line with politics, which can use it to frame tougher measures. For that purpose, Bremen's mayor Andreas Bovenschulte sits in the group today. The Hanseatic city is a German vaccination master - the Bremen native explains briefly and without much self-praise how the smallest federal state was able to achieve the highest vaccination rate in a North German way. The politician classifies Hirschhausen's documentary as “very meritorious”, and he praises his comrade Karl Lauterbach in the highest tones: he is “the best thing that can happen to us in this pandemic,” the mayor exclaims euphorically, and thus initiates a minute-long hymn of praise for Lauterbach.

All guests, from the intensive care physician Prof. Dr. Uwe Jannsens, via Deutschlandradio correspondent Katharina Hamberger, to Hirschhausen tell how great they think Lauterbach is. Star chef Nelson Müller, who admits that he used to laugh at the SPD politician, joins the marching formation of the Lauterbach fans. As a reminder: it should actually be about the seriously ill, but suddenly they are no longer that important.

Hirschhausen does not miss the situation to speak out again in favor of compulsory vaccination. "Everyone who has not been vaccinated puts children or previously ill people at risk who cannot protect themselves with a vaccination." And: "Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but not to their own facts." He does not say where he got the supposed fact that children of all people would be particularly at risk from unvaccinated people.

After all, the doctor Janssens rules out no longer treating unvaccinated people medically: “We have sent a very clear signal that there is no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated. That would shake the foundations of our medical practice.” The fact that something like this has to be clarified again says a lot about the program on Monday evening.

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