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Germany: Climate activist Luisa Neubauer promises new government pressure from outside

The climate protection movement "Fridays For Future" expects the new federal government and Climate Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) to accelerate climate protection measures.

Berlin - "In the next few years, emissions in Germany will have to drop drastically," said activist Luisa Neubauer to the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (Thursday editions). Every measure must then be checked to see whether it contributes to it or not. "In concrete terms, that means: every fossil machine and every fossil infrastructure that is in use today has to be the last one. There can be no more natural gas pipelines and new highways," said Neubauer. "We now need a new policy that tackles the climate crisis with new speed and new consistency. The pressure is enormous."

According to the activist, there is no longer any understanding for further delays in the fight against climate change. "We no longer have time for a government of lukewarm promises. The crises are turning over and people should finally be able to feel safe again," Neubauer told the RND. "Mr. Habeck will have to deliver. And the movement and the people will demand it."

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