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Just Wondering!

Written by John (the other John).

Recently I was just wondering, why do cities/regions that excel in “diversity” have:

  • Much crime
  • Much poverty
  • Vast majority fatherless households
  • Horrible education systems
  • Corrupt local governments
  • Lack of respect for fellow residents
  • Constant racial/ethnic tension
  • Constant grievances & unhappiness
  • Proud to being “diverse”
  • Filthy streets and sidewalks
  • Unsightly graffiti
  • Homeless people sleeping in parks
  • People exchanging drugs and needles in public
  • Dilapidated housing
  • Cramped spacing
  • Santa Claus is mugged when he comes to town

And why do towns/regions who fail in “diversity” are:

  • Safe (very low crime)
  • Wealthy (very low poverty)
  • Nuclear families (very few fatherless households)
  • Very good education systems
  • Less corrupt governments
  • Respect for fellow residents
  • Practically non-existent racial/ethnic tension
  • Happiness
  • Proud to not being “diverse”
  • Clean neighborhoods
  • Sightly landscaping
  • Families walking in parks
  • People exchanging well-wishes in public
  • Nice housing
  • Ample spacing
  • Santa Claus is hugged when he comes to town

In addition to wondering about the above, I also wonder:

why is “diversity” promoted and forced upon us considering what a failure it has been/is? Is “diversity” intended to be a positive that had/has failed? Or is “diversity” intended to being a failure? And the cities/regions who excel in “diversity” have succeeded in failure?

I wonder!
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