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The Yin and Yang of Racism and Anti-Racism

Written by John (the other John).

The yin-yang symbol represents “dualism”, in which two contrary and opposite forces complement, interconnect, and are interdependent in the natural world, thereby balancing out each other and thereby living in perfect harmony with each other (essentially, a utopia). The yin is white, and the yang is black.[1]

This relates to us today with the concept of opposites being interrelated when Leftists attempt to balance out the concepts of “racism” and “anti-racism” in their daily lives. In essence, “racism” and “anti-racism” on paper (perhaps not reality) are polar opposites [2]. So what Leftists do to fulfill their goal on being proportional is that the more actual “racism”/hate they have towards white people (yin), then the more pretend “anti-racism”/love they must show towards black people (yang) [3]. And by doing so, by balancing-out the two extreme opposites, this in theory should put them in a state of harmony and euphoria (hence, yin-yang).

So why then are Leftists always miserable, unhappy, and angry? Well, as the second footnote says, “racism” and “anti-racism” are one in the same, thus there is no balance and harmony in their lives, so instead they are consumed by hate, thereby having them constantly living in a state of rage.


1. BTW, were the ancient Chinese philosophers racist by them having the white symbol lead while the black symbol follows?

2. In reality, “anti-racism” is racism.

3. The honkey Leftist leadership does not give a $h!t about black people, rather they are using them as mere pawns/mercenaries to cause chaos and fear. (No different than the Arab slave masters who used castrated African men as warriors; they did not love them, they just used them to win battles).
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