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Von der Leyen reaffirms threat to Russia

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is increasingly concerned about the suspected power games by Russian President Vladimir Putin with regard to gas deliveries and the future of Ukraine.

Brussels - "We will not accept such aggressive behavior," she said in the news magazine Focus. The EU will "make it clear that the violation of international law has massive economic consequences". The door to dialogue is open "if the Kremlin changes its aggressive course".

Von der Leyen confirmed to Focus: "We are worried about the Russian military movements and the troop reinforcements along the eastern border of Ukraine." Ukraine is "a sovereign independent state". The EU stands "with many international partners united behind the government in Kiev".

At the same time, the top EU politician assured: "We would also prefer good relations with Russia, but that depends on the behavior of the Kremlin." The future "clearly belongs to renewable energies", but the EU Commission President can also imagine nuclear power "as a stable source of energy". But that can only be done "if it is clean and safe," says von der Leyen.

And further: "Experts say it is possible." The rapid saving of CO2 is "exactly what can still prevent the climate from tipping over," she explained. At the same time, she pointed out: "Nuclear energy has a serious problem with waste, and the technology must be safe".

French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron is currently trying to have nuclear energy recognized as sustainable by the EU.

Photo: Reuters
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