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CDC study shows ‘severe’ obesity accounts for a bulk of COVID-19 teen hospitalizations

A new study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention seems to reaffirm the link between COVID-19 hospitalization and obesity. This and similar studies prompted Fox News host and master polemicist Greg Gutfeld to weigh in, as it were.


“In the early months of this epidemic, a few loudmouths like me mentioned ‘this would be a good time to lose weight because it’s a risk factor that you can manipulate.’ And we were accused of fat-shaming. Yeah, something that use to be known as good advice is now [considered] offensive by people in the media who would later call you a monster for not getting triple-vaxxed,” he said on “Gutfeld” Tuesday.


“Meanwhile they got COVID anyway,” Gutfeld declared in the video clip embedded above for which you can draw your own conclusions.


In evaluating data about 915 hospitalizations in six hospitals in the July-August 2021 time frame, “approximately two thirds of those aged 12–17 years had obesity,” the CDC reported on December 31, 2021, with about 60 percent of that cohort described as severely obese.


“Compared with patients without obesity, those with obesity required higher levels and longer duration of care. These findings are consistent with previous reports and highlight the importance of obesity and other medical conditions as risk factors for severe COVID-19 in children and adolescents,” the agency noted.



As part of a typically irreverent opening monologue on his eponymous show, Gutfeld also explained that “while the legacy media gives you grief even if you register mild hesitancy over a vaccine mandate, they still ignore some of the essential truths about health.”


“That in a world where you can’t trust the media or the government, you can still trust yourself. You can control your own risk factors, and that’s the good news about the pandemic. That the leading comorbidity that influences the severity of disease is one you can beat. And that’s obesity. The bad news is you’re living in a country where you can get a cheese steak out of a vending machine…,” he added.


Being fat “makes COVID worse,” he continued, “we knew that, but in the media, no one ever wanted to say that. This is the media who regularly scolds you…and they bend over backwards to slam you for your cloth mask, but bend over forwards and do some sit-ups, that’s unacceptable…when young patients died of COVID, the websites wouldn’t run a picture, which is perfectly fine — privacy matters — but it hid an unspeakable truth.


“Obesity influenced the outcome, just as obesity increases non-COVID risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, and also joint damage….,” Gutfeld said.


Based on the new CDC study, “if you’re young and healthy, you should be living your normal life…so instead of hiding inside like you’re Joe Biden, you’re better off taking a brisk walk around the block,” he added.



As Gutfeld alluded to, many vaccine-or-nothing public health officials (along with the Big Pharma-backing corporate media) have also been mostly silent insofar as key lifestyle choices such as nutrition and exercise although, for example, the CDC noted in a March 2021 study that obesity “is a recognized risk factor for severe COVID-19.”


“Now researchers have found that the coronavirus infects both fat cells and certain immune cells within body fat, prompting a damaging defensive response in the body,” The New York Times reported in December 2021. “If the findings hold up, they may shed light not just on why patients with excess pounds are vulnerable to the virus, but also on why certain younger adults with no other risks become so ill…The finding is particularly relevant to the United States, which has one of the highest rates of obesity in the world.”



Two years out, and perhaps two years too late, lockdown-loving CNN reported this week on another study about the increased COVID risk for those with excessive body mass.


This “revelation” prompted conservative influencer Greg Price, among others, to note with irony that “One of the COVID misinformation ‘strikes’ that got MTG banned from Twitter was a tweet saying that COVID is more dangerous for people who are obese.”



The central American country of El Salvador recently uploaded a public service announcement encouraging its citizens to get fit.


Although some may disagree with aspects of the dietary advice suggested therein, the overriding message — which generally is missing among recommendations from U.S. health experts, so-called — is significant.



Source: BPR Business and Politics

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