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Sasse: Germany Has ‘De Facto’ Exited NATO


Monday, during Hugh Hewitt’s nationally syndicated radio broadcast, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) reacted to the ongoing heightened situation between Russia and Ukraine, which some are suggesting will end with Russia invading Ukraine.


Hewitt asked the Nebraska lawmaker to react to Germany’s efforts to block aid to Ukraine and asked if that was a sign Germany had left NATO.


“[H]as Germany effectively left NATO?” Hewitt asked. “And I am deadly serious. If they are preventing overflights of British supplies to Ukraine, and they’re refusing to allow the Baltic states to send the mortars that Germany sold them to Ukraine, they are effectively returning to the position of Central Europe arbitrator between Russia and the West. They have left NATO, I believe.”


“It certainly feels in a de facto way, maybe not a de jure way, but in a de facto way, it feels like Germany has tried to move to a pre-NATO time in history,” Sasse responded. “And obviously, that’s a terrible time. I mean, the American people have not been brought along. It’s a failure of leadership. And we’re, you know, we’re three straight administrations into people undermining NATO. But now, we’re at a place where NATO clearly isn’t what it was and what it should be, and it feels like Germany’s act in the last days and week sure feel like an abandonment of NATO in reality.”


Source: Breitbart 

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