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The ‘climate change card’ is played ‘every time’ there’s a natural disaster


Sky News host Chris Kenny says the global warming “blame game” is on again, after parts of Queensland and New South Wales were ravaged by floods. 


“Every time there’s a natural disaster now, the climate change card is played,” Mr Kenny said.


Mr Kenny said when it comes to Brisbane, the last couple of damaging floods “pale into insignificance” compared to the “frequency and depth of flooding in the late 19th century”.


“And likewise the Hawkesbury River at Windsor, north-west of Sydney, two years of serious flooding in a row now – again that’s terrible – but again, the late 19th century is when the flooding really peaked in that area.”


Mr Kenny says this proves the claims “things are getting demonstrably worse now already” are “just not accurate”.


Source: Sky News

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