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Berlin: Greens advocate expropriation of real estate groups

The leader of the Berlin parliamentary group, Werner Graf, spoke out in favor of the expropriation of large residential real estate groups in the capital.

Berlin - "I personally think that expropriation should be used as a last resort in order to achieve a housing market that is mostly oriented towards the common good," he told Der Tagesspiegel. As a coalition, they have agreed on a commission of experts "to show ways in which expropriation can be implemented". It's now a question of how, not whether.

The faction leader said that the government must do justice to the "clear vote" for expropriations. The state has tried a lot of new things to protect tenants with the right of first refusal, protection areas or the rent cap, but federal legislation prevents the cities from using these instruments to protect against displacement. He could understand the Berliners if they then advocate very hard means, said Graf.

Now it has to be clarified how Article 15 in the Basic Law for the expropriation of real estate can be applied and how compensation for the owners should be calculated. "We bear the responsibility that such plans are prepared carefully and accurately by the commission, especially if you want to stand up to the Federal Constitutional Court," said the parliamentary group leader. After the successful expropriation referendum, the Senate set up an expert commission to deal with the referendum of the initiative "Expropriate Deutsche Wohnen & Co.".

The commission is to be given a year to do this and then submit a recommendation to the Senate on how to proceed.

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