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Germany: Health minister hinders review of corona measures

Berlin - The FDP member of the Bundestag Wolfgang Kubicki has accused Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) of deliberately obstructing the investigation into the effectiveness of the corona measures. "Anyone who proceeds in this way and drags and delays the necessary clarification is obviously not interested in an appropriate corona policy," he wrote on Facebook on Monday.

There is a clear government mandate to evaluate the pandemic measures. The results of the investigation should actually be presented to the federal government by the end of June. The deadline has already been postponed once. The evaluation was originally scheduled for December 31st. Lauterbach is trying to postpone this date by extending the deadline or re-advertising, criticized Kubicki.

The Minister of Health justified the desired postponement with insufficient data, as reported by Die Welt. After two years of the pandemic, the FDP politician complains that this is not only embarrassing, but also outrageous. Lauterbach gambled away "any trust in the honesty of state action".

CDU politician concern: Lauterbach's reasoning is not valid
It is "intellectually incomprehensible that Minister Lauterbach constantly warns of a dangerous autumn, while offensively trying to prevent insights into the effectiveness of the measures he favored, which entailed considerable restrictions on fundamental rights," Die Welt quoted the Vice President of the Bundestag as saying.

Criticism also comes from the ranks of the Christian Democrats. “If the health minister slows down the evaluation of the corona measures, that would be a new low,” said the health policy spokesman for the Union faction, Tino Sorge (CDU) to the newspaper. There are no valid reasons for a change in the government mandate.

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