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Germany: Greens announce 'Digital Violence Law'

The Greens want to react to the significantly increased number of politically motivated crimes in the past year with comprehensive measures.

Berlin - "The coalition agreement contains a large number of projects against rampant hatred and hate speech, which must now be addressed promptly," said parliamentary group leader Konstantin von Notz to the Handelsblatt. As examples he named a "law against digital violence" and improvements in the possibility of blocking the population register for threatened people. However, von Notz rejected a new criminal offense of so-called politician stalking, as demanded by the Association of Towns and Municipalities in order to take action against the marches in front of the apartments of officials and elected officials.

"Attacks on public officials and elected officials are already subject to severe penalties," said the Greens politician. However, that often does not deter offenders. "Because of this reason, I am rather skeptical about the creation of a special paragraph in the penal code that would only criminalize politician stalking."

FDP parliamentary group leader Konstantin Kuhle made a similar statement. "A special criminal law to protect politicians' apartments is superfluous," Kuhle told the Handelsblatt. The police and the judiciary could already act on the basis of existing law.

"For example, conditions for meetings can be imposed," says Kuhle. In addition, when calls for threats and physical assaults are public knowledge, the security authorities must take early protective measures. "If this happens too late, it cannot be compensated by criminal law."

Photo: In-Online.
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